SILICON PV - 1st International Conference on Silicon Photovoltaics
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Scientific Topics

  • Material aspects
    (defects, carrier lifetime, doping type, mobility, …)
  • Advanced characterization and simulation
    (PL, EL, accurate measurement of back contact cells, carrier lifetime, simulation tools, quality assurance, inline measurements, …)
  • Surface morphology and passivation
    (texture, dielectric passivation layers, diffused layers, optical performance, …)
  • Junction formation
    (diffusion, amorphous hetero-junction, polysilicon, alloying, …)
  • Structuring and contact formation
    (laser, inkjet, fine-line printing, plating, paste and ink development, …)
  • Process integration
    (process sequences, production technology, process control, cost analysis, cell architecture, ...)
  • Module integration
    (back-contact-cell modules, adhesive conductors, soldering, system aspects, reliability testing, …)

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